zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

Is it just that USADA now strips Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France titles won in 1999-2005?

Which are the negative effects of doping in cycling?
  1. Doping is damaging to the health of the athletes;
  2. Doping is damaging to fair competition because there are no longer equal chances for all participants.
Does the sanction make sense?

It is punishable by law to exceed the maximum speed whilst driving a car. The rationale for this rule is the fact that driving too fast increases the unsafety in traffic. The negative effects of speeding appear to be greater than the negative effects of doping use in cycling.

How would we feel when a national law enforcer would prosecute a citizen in 2012 for speeding in France in the period 2000-2010 solely based on the statements of witnesses who are caught on speeding in this period themselves?

We might think: “isn’t it a little bit too long ago to prosecute?” We might also think: “are there any drivers who used the roads in these period who didn’t exceed the speed limits?” And we might think: “where are the pictures the speeding camera’s made on the moments this citizen drove too fast.

District's Court Final Order

Armstrong's second complaint

Armstrong's first complaint